Get professional audio ads in record time

Written, recorded and produced by a team of professionals.
Delivered 100% ready for broadcasting.


What is AudioAds?



AudioAds is a service that allows you to create professional audio ads you can use on radio stations, music streaming websites and more. No hidden fees or royalties. Create crisp audio ads quickly and efficiently with us!

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Our promise


Fast and predictAble turnaround

Our technology accurately predicts turnarounds times based on the type of project. Our professional production managers ensure prompt delivery every time.

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Satisfaction guarantee

It’s about providing you with the best experience possible. That’s our guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our service, we will give you a refund.

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Ready-to-use voice overs

Audio ads are delivered in WAV and MP3, and broken into as many files as you like. You have the option to broadcast them on multiple radio stations and audio streaming websites.

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Quality control

Our team of audio experts ensures you'll receive a deliverable that exceeds your expectations.

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We pride ourself on professionalism. Qualified sound engineers, project managers and voice actors work on all our projects. Only the top 2% of those who apply to work with us get accepted.

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No commissions, no hidden fees, no royalties. With AudioAds, the audio ad rights belong solely to you, so you can use it however and wherever you'd like!


Success stories



Over 5,000 clients have successfully fulfilled over 47,000 projects using VoiceBunny, the engine powering AudioAds


“VoiceBunny gave me access to fantastic actors, was easy to use, and was surprisingly low cost. They worked seamlessly with me when the actor I chose wasn’t fitting with the sound I wanted for my new video game“

A little overwhelmed by your high scale project? Our team is here to “We used VoiceBunny to create localized voice-over in our mobile app. We tried VoiceBunny for our first release and have been very please with the service. It is quick, fast and reliable. We have now used it for 4 different languages.”

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“Soon after discovering VoiceBunny, we noticed our commercials had a little extra glaze on them. It was like going from a ordinary nachos to nachos supreme”

Andrew Ryan Henke

Indie game developer

Frederic Frappereau


Justin Sanders

Senior Copywriter


Large scale solutions



Tell us what you need and we'll hop to it! We have a range of services we can offer you.

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Software integration

Integrate your system with our Application Programming Interface (API), to produce content automatically.

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high volume projects

A little overwhelmed by your high scale project? Our team is here to help you get it done.

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other services

Dubbing? Translations? Transcriptions? We'll fulfill your every need! Just to talk to one of our Account Managers.


Are you a professional voice actor?

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“I’ve worked through many voice-over websites, and VoiceBunny goes above and beyond in terms of efficiency, effectiveness, and friendliness. It allows me to work from my home studio which frees up time that I would otherwise use traveling to auditions and other studios. It's incredibly fulfilling and I’m proud to be a part of their team!”

Katie Gaskin

VoiceBunny actor since 2015